Sept 15th 2015 – 7th album released ‘Tales from the ancient sea’

Completed from initial writing to mastering in about 12 months, the 7th Sozo Heaven album went live just after summer 2015.

Sozo Heaven – Tales from the ancient sea

8 tracks and 70 minutes in length, focusing on a ‘chilling out by the sea’ concept, all laid back tracks and grooves, featuring large amounts of classical guitars adding a great deal of warmth and an organic structure, Tales also features different genre styles – West African, Brazilian, and late night Jazz, all still under the trademark Sozo theme. Layered electric guitars, bass grooves, trip hop beats and spaced out synths, a feast for the senses..

Sozo Heaven Tales from the ancient sea album cover black text 2400x (c) 2015 Andrew Bates


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Full track listing:

1) Breathe in the sky – 10:46

2) Albatross plateau – 7:44

3) Nightbird’s destiny – 6:02

4) Tales from the ancient sea – 8:57

5) Yesterday today forever – 9:40

6) Sound of sunlight – 6:47

7) Skydust adventures – 10:41

8) Solar waves on the midnight sun – 8:27



April 19th 2013 – New Sozo Heaven venture

Hi and welcome to the brand new Sozo Heaven website!

The new site has just been fired up, so more changes will occur periodically as the site settles down into it’s final form.

Even after this is achieved however, more new content will appear as and when it is created.

If you are visiting for the first time, please feel free to browse through the content, I hope you enjoy all that is Sozo Heaven, a place of creativity, atmosphere, music, photography and videos, culminating in what is designed to be a very sensual and spiritual experience.

For more up to date news please do check out the Sozo Heaven facebook and twitter profiles, come and say hi and join the journey!

(c) 2013 Andrew Bates