sozo heaven discography

Sozo Heaven discography

The hand of God and the heavens beyond (2007)

1 Perfect Storm GBKPL1254476

2 Red Flower GBKPL1254477

3 Light in Your Eyes GBKPL1254478

4 Spirit of Truth GBKPL1254479

5 Rolling Blue GBKPL1254480

6 Moon Dance GBKPL1254481

7 Gentle Breeze GBKPL1254482

8 The Lotus Eaters GBKPL1254483

9 Believing Is Seeing GBKPL1254484

10 The Next Room GBKPL1254485

The enduring memory of love (2010)

1 Fields of Gold GBKPL1257035

2 Summer Memory GBKPL1257036

3 Sacred Mountain of Newborn Light GBKPL1257037

4 Wildest Dreams GBKPL1257038

5 Starbreaker GBKPL1257039

6 Heavenly Bodies Drifting in Space GBKPL1257040

7 Even Light Entangles Night Air Denying Redoubtable Enemies and Moving Spirits GBKPL1257041

8 Beyond the Beyond GBKPL1257042

9 So Let It Rain GBKPL1257043

10 Love of My Life (Remix) GBKPL1257044

Out of darkness into light (2012)

1 Supergalaxy GBKPL1258389

2 Catch the Fire GBKPL1258390

3 Path of Wisdom GBKPL1258391

4 Song of the West (Acoustic Mix) GBKPL1258392

5 Sublime Sky GBKPL1258393

6 Lonely Hero GBKPL1258394

7 Bright Dawn (Natural Mix) GBKPL1258395

8 Indian Thunder (Acoustic Mix) GBKPL1258396

9 Firecracker GBKPL1258397

10 Give Me Light Epic GBKPL1258398

The golden promise (2012)

1 Blazing Retro GBKPL1259275

2 You Were On My Mind (Acoustic Mix) GBKPL1259276

3 Bright Dawn (Asian Mix) GBKPL1259277

4 Starflow GBKPL1259278

5 Shining Future GBKPL1259279

6 Indian Thunder GBKPL1259280

7 Time for Change GBKPL1259281

8 Bright Dawn (African Mix) GBKPL1259282

9 Beautiful Giant GBKPL1259283

10 Peaceful Rain GBKPL1259284

Dancing in heaven’s light (2013)

1 Endless Sunset GBKPL1358028

2 Dreamers of Dreams GBKPL1358029

3 Dancing in Heaven’s Light GBKPL1358030

4 Sun Forever Shine GBKPL1358031

5 Andromeda Sky of Liquid Fire GBKPL1358032

6 Under the Autumn Moon GBKPL1358033

7 God’s Sweet Mercy GBKPL1358034

8 The Beautiful Train Ride Home GBKPL1358035

9 Silverlight Memento GBKPL1358036

10 Faster Than Light GBKPL1358037

The sons of Arcturus (2014)

1 Separation of Realities Opus 1 Sozo Heaven GBKPL1378640

2 Island of Silent Seagulls Sozo Heaven GBKPL1378641

3 Far Beyond the Deep Where Faint Galaxies Glow Sozo Heaven GBKPL1378642

4 Ultima Papillon Sozo Heaven GBKPL1378643

5 Verisimilitude Sozo Heaven GBKPL1378644

6 Sonic Transportal Sozo Heaven GBKPL1378645

7 Jumping Over Starlit Mountains Sozo Heaven GBKPL1378646

Tales from the ancient sea (2015)

1 Breathe in the Sky Sozo Heaven GBKPL1518384

2 Albatross Plateau Sozo Heaven GBKPL1518385

3 Nightbird’s Destiny Sozo Heaven GBKPL1518386

4 Tales from the Ancient Sea Sozo Heaven GBKPL1518387

5 Yesterday Today Forever Sozo Heaven GBKPL1518388

6 Sound of Sunlight Sozo Heaven GBKPL1518389

7 Skydust Adventures Sozo Heaven GBKPL1518390

8 Solar Waves On the Midnight Sun Sozo Heaven GBKPL1518391




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