Sozo videos and new album update | 7th March 2017

Hey Sozo Heaven fans!

Hope you’re having a great day, it’s been a while since my last update..!

Video news

Firstly, I was posting blogs about new videos.. well, those videos came out many moons ago so I don’t think I will continue to write new blogs about ‘new videos’..

Suffice to say after the last video blog, I did complete another 7 videos for the other tracks on the album, including what I call ‘music only’ videos (as opposed to videos with sourced footage in), the music only videos just have the album cover, for those folks who just want to listen to the music and not be distracted with any imagery.

So, you can find all the new footage and music only videos for the 7th album ‘Tales From the Ancient Sea’ on my YouTube channel here –

New album news

So, after a lengthy break after I published the last album back in Sept ’15, I began to start writing new material around Aug ’16, here a little, there a little..

At time of writing this blog, I currently have 6 tracks in various stages of progress, with some nice ideas in there!

I already knew before I started, this time I was going to take my time working on the new album, as much as I want to finish and publish new material as soon as possible, I also want to make sure I get everything right and move in the right direction.

As for a release date, I cannot say.. it’s very likely it will be finished in ’17, and you can keep up to date with my progress through my Facebook and Twitter profiles (I also share my photography on there, so please check that out at the same time)


That’s about all for now, I’m just enjoying the Spring on the island where I live by the sea, I like to go down to the beach with a flask of tea and some good choons and enjoy the view, very inspiring!

Lastly, thanks again to you all for all your kind comments, plays, shares and love, always greatly appreciated!


Have a beautiful day and God bless!



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