Album 6 – The sons of Arcturus is published | 1st May 2014

Well, we finally got there!, after much hype, many cups of tea and coffee, a few road tests and much head-scratching concerning titles.., the 6th Sozo Heaven album is live and kicking!

I uploaded the album through my aggregator to various online distributors late last month, with a projected release date of the 1st of May 2014, and with about an hour or two to spare, she finally went live on iTunes, late on the 1st of May!, so I just made it! 🙂

7 tracks, 80 minutes of music, 10 months of work, over 10gb of project data and a smattering of launch gfx..

The album title took a GOOD long while to think of.. I had various words come to mind, but the names were either too complex, too much of a mouthful, or just not relevant.. However one nice side effect of that brain storming gave me quite a few possibilities for future works (thumbs up)

I finally settled on ‘The sons of Arcturus’ because I simply love the name of that star in the night sky, there is something powerful and big about the name, very fitting of one of the brightest suns in our atmosphere (4th brightest in the sky), I also subsequently discovered it is one of the stars mentioned in the bible in Job chapter 38, ‘can thou guide Arcturus with his sons?’

I wanted a title that encapsulated the enormity and wonder of the cosmos, which also reflects a strong theme of the music, that of spaced out electronica chillout, using numerous sci-fi and space related sound samples. For me this seem to fit very well, and trips off the tongue nicely.

So without further ado, may I introduce ‘The sons of Arcturus’

Sozo Heaven - The sons of Arcturus cover 4 23rd April 2014 2400x


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