Album 6 update… | 1st April 2014

6th album nearly ready to go!

Well it’s taken a few months, not exactly sure.. but I started this album very soon after I launched the last one back around June/July ’13, so we’re talking at least 8 – 10 months..

I was going to do another 10 track album, but very quickly found myself writing very long compositions, and I didn’t want to go much over 1 hour (in the end it’s more like 1 hour 20 minutes)

So I got to track 6, but I discovered my publisher rates a 6 track as an EP, so I decided to do one more track and venture back into album territory.

Originally this was to be another collection of pure instrumentals, but late on in the writing I felt the need to start playing around with some spoken word samples, and so went to hunt some down from some good public domain sources. That took a decent amount of time, not only to find the right ones, but I also ended up deleting a few for various reasons, and replacing them with others.

They took some time also to lever into the tracks, using copious amounts of automation, but I love doing that, so no problem!

As I type I’m right on the brink of the mastering stage, this usually means getting as good a mix as possible, mastering it (boosting the volume, final EQ tweaks) and listening to it in standard environment (in the car, on a Hi-Fi), making any notes if anything doesn’t work, and potentially going back and re-working the original mix, then re-mastering.

This is a lengthy process.. but quite important to get right!

I should be announcing a release date very soon now, followed very rapidly with demos and buy links here on this site and on my soundcloud page. After that I’ll start thinking about producing some more videos!

So, thanks to all those who have supported, liked, followed and subscribed, and I hope you enjoy my latest offering!

You can keep up to date with all things Sozo Heaven every day on and so join us and come along to say hi!

Keep the peace flowing :), God bless



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