Welcome to 2014! | 6th January 2014

Hello again!

Well I hope you all had a good Christmas break, it’s been good to spend time with family whilst the stormy weather lashes down outside!

Since my last blog, Sozo has gone past the 100 likes mark on the official Facebook page, and although for many people that may not seem like a lot, I’ve been doing this for a long time and seen many days where not very much happened (in regards to likes, views and plays), but my passion to continue creating new music and put it on display for the enjoyment of others remains.

Indeed, more than ever before I am so very grateful for all the support, comments, feedback and kind words I receive from relative strangers, who also have a kindred heart for the same musical genre and love of beautiful imagery.

I have a deeper vision for continuing my work, but the lighter and more obvious one is simply that I am compelled to keep producing a particular kind of fruit. Fruit which I have been producing for as long as I can remember, and which I cannot fully explain as to why I do.

And so on we go, into 2014!, a new year, new ideas and prospects beckon to us all. And I will continue to make mine manifest πŸ˜‰

Album 6 continues apace, currently audio tracking for tracks 4, 5 and 6, and searching for more soundbites to add greater depth and power to the compositions, directly inspired by my love the music of the The Orb and Kris Weston, who I have been tweeting to about various silly things like trifle and Pot noodle.. Kris is an unstoppable freight train when it comes to vision and ideas, for which I am in awe, and I wish him all the best with his latest project (which I would love to be involved in)

So I’m on course for completing this album and hopefully releasing in the next few months.. and already I’m itching to start album 7!

So thanks for joining me on the journey so far, and please check in on the Sozo FB and Twitter for all the latest updates, demos, beautiful photography and blah!

Have a great 2014!, peace πŸ™‚


Sozo Heaven 2014 graphic


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