Latest Sozo Heaven video – The beautiful train ride home | 22nd Aug 2013

When I used to travel to college, one of the things I really loved was the short train journey from my home town to college and back again, the train line ran alongside an estuary, so beautiful in the evening sunlight. I wanted to capture that in music and video, something peaceful and dreamy about gliding home on the evening train (the ones that aren’t crowded!)

It was harder than I thought sourcing the visual material for this, I had something specific in mind, something very dreamy and ambient, glitchy and retro, with fuzzy/blurry shots, like a distant memory.

The finished product worked out nicely, some things just fell into place, the bridge over the pond transforming into the San Francisco bridge, the blur of a tram carriage blending into the blur of a modern day train flying by. Very happy with that 🙂

I hope you enjoy the final piece, and I wish you all peaceful safe journeys home.


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