Latest Sozo Heaven video – God’s sweet mercy | 25th July 2013

Track number 7 from the new album is the latest to get the music video treatment, entitled ‘God’s sweet mercy’ originally started out as a song. (for which it does have lyrics) While I was writing the album, I played around with the idea of turning the song into an instrumental track. It had a nice structure and chord progression, so I just started recording it, and it developed from there.

This one was certainly influenced by a favourite band of mine ‘Ozric Tentacles’ a progressive art/space rock band from the UK, an amazing collection of far out synths, superb percussion and exquisite space rock electric guitar by a guy called Ed Wynne.

I was hunting for some footage for the new tracks, and came across some old New York film, I auditioned the track to the footage, and it just worked. Well there may be some weaker sections, but I really want to fit the skyscraper flyby with the mammoth guitar solo in the middle of the track, I hope that in places it almost feels like a Pink Floyd creation, of whom I have been a lifelong fan.

So here it is, God’s sweet mercy. Enjoy!


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