Latest Sozo Heaven video – Endless sunset HD | 18th July 2013

Just uploaded, from the new album ‘Dancing in heaven’s light’ 1st track from the album, ‘Endless sunset’, wasn’t easy to make a video for this, hunted for some footage but it wasn’t happening.. A lot of music videos on youtube just use one photo, and I tried that, and it nearly worked, then I had the idea of putting in a time-lapse sunset video between some still shots, it kicks in just as the track is going full on, works quite nice! This track came together really quickly, and then rapidly became the longest Sozo Heaven track so far at over 12 mins and 40 secs, found some nice beats that give a hint of Skrillex, although I don’t slice up loops like him, my style is much more sweeping and classical. Anyway, this one worked out very well, flows nicely, maybe the start could have been shorter, but all in all very happy with it :), enjoy!


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