Album 5 update,uploaded – 31st May 2013

Latest quick update..

Very close now!, the latest Sozo Heaven album has been uploaded to the aggregator for worldwide digital distribution! ๐Ÿ™‚

Current status is ‘awaiting delivery’ which means it has passed inspection by the aggregator and on it’s way to all your favourite digital music shops.

The aggregator upload process has included some new changes, with the addition of choice of dance music sub genres, so I can be a lot more accurate as to the category that the music is placed into, I hope it has been placed in the correct type – Chill out, Electronica, IDM, Instrumentals.

As well as this there is now the opportunity for genres to be set for Beatport, I haven’t checked yet, but I think this means the music will be available on that shop format, as well as the usual (iTunes, amazon, emusic, spotify etc)

From a recent statement I notice people are accessing the music through the X-box digital music system, so Sozo Heaven is X-box friendly too!

The official release date is set for June 1st 2013 (tomorrow), it should hopefully be out then, there will be an official news announcement on this blog with links and info, as well as the other Sozo Heaven social media outlets.

Thanks and peace, Andrew ๐Ÿ™‚


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