Album 5 update – 26th May 2013

Another quick update..

First I hope you are all enjoying the first days of summer, beautiful cloudless skies outside my window, everything bathed in sunshine šŸ™‚

Well mastering of the 5th album is pretty much done, it could probably be improved in different areas, but arguably the tweaking could go on forever, I think I’ve just about done the best I could with my knowledge and gear.

At this point I am designing the cover, I have a concept, just sketching it out to see if it works, if it does then I will do any final prep and upload the album to my aggregator for digital distribution.

So it will be 10 tracks, 87 minutes of original material, a mix of dance, EDM, IDM, traditional, classical, futuristic, mellow trance, electronica and just a dash of space rock ;), a veritable sonic journey of ear candy!

This is without a doubt the best sounding Sozo Heaven album so far, taking two and a half years to complete..

..Just want to get started on the next one šŸ˜‰

Info, news, demos and links will appear here very shortly!

Peace and God bless, Andrew šŸ™‚


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