album 5 update 15th May 2013

Hello fellow chillout music lovers! 🙂

Just a quick update, in the studio as I type, listening through the latest Sozo Heaven offering, last track first mix and bounce is done. Now the mastering process begins, will give it a listen in different environments, make any necessary tweaks/remix if needed then she’s ready to go!

Even after that is done, I still need to finalise an album name and cover, although I do have a concept in mind..

After that I need to convert for uploading, register on PRS and think about promo videos, and put up the demos on Soundcloud.

So far so good, sounding good, a blend of.. well a lot of things really, I kind of find it hard to describe sometimes, the music has been compared to Ulrich Schnauss, maybe Boards of Canada. Lot’s of influence from 007 composer John Barry (loved his stuff), Cocteau twins and The Orb among others.

Tried to create a dance feel to this one, just ended up doing my own thing again!, strangely the last track I worked on was meant to be a dreamy Vangelis track, and went full on energetic dance style! 😛

Ok, so the album should be out very soon, links will be here and on FB/Twitter..

Thanks for all those who follow Sozo Heaven and enjoy the music, I hope you enjoy this one, and that it takes you on some beautiful journeys 🙂

Peace! Andrew 🙂


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