sozo heaven media music – new albums

May 3rd 2013 – S.H.M.M latest

Works continues with Sozo Heaven’s media music project, just finished going through the SHMM music catalogue, creating edits for all the tracks, 292 edits in total!

Along with the original tracks, there should be the best part of 400 tracks and their edits, these will be compiled into a brand new remarketed set of production and editor friendly media music albums.

The idea is to provide quality media friendly music in a wide variety of genres and styles, formed into a format which is quick and easy for any working editor to drop straight into their production.

As with all Sozo Heaven music, all the tracks will be available to buy on iTunes, amazon mp3, spotify, emusic and numerous other distributors, for easy downloading via a smartphone, ipad or conventional Mac or PC.

Don’t forget to subscribe or follow either this site, or the facebook/twitter accounts to keep up to date with all things Sozo Heaven, all links, demos and artwork for the albums will be appearing here very soon..

All Sozo Heaven music is fully registered with PRS who handle all music licensing


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