the journey continues..

April 28th 2013 – the journey continues..

I sincerely hope you are enjoying this blog style website, well as much as I am!, really had loads of fun creating it, it was a priority to get it started for a while now, just needed to get myself into gear 🙂

As I type it’s a beautiful sunny spring day on the Island that I live on, my apologies, but I will probably warble on about it in many more posts yet!, I just love living by the sea, always feel very blessed, there is something about the sea which is open and untamed, it feels like it could stretch on forever, I get a great sense of freedom whenever I look out to it.

Well the wesbite is officially launched now, I still have a lot to do to promote it, but again I really enjoy doing things like that, it’s very likely I will make more changes yet, indeed it will continue to evolve and grow over time.

On the music front, I have finally released the final album in the soaking sessions series for sister project Sozo Heaven Media Music, there are now 8 albums in the series with a total of 74 original soundtracks.

Soaking sessions Vol 8: Fly away to another place, is another 9 track chillout media-friendly soundtrack instrumental album, the music is a little older, I wrote it while still at my previous role in a music publishing company I helped to create and build, so I was still learning how to record and produce, regardless the works are still good production quality and I hope will find purchase in many different production globally.

SHMM - Fly away to a higher place album cover 1400x

S.H.M.M. Soaking sessions Vol 8

All demos for the album, along with demos for all the other SHMM albums can be found in the demos section in the menu, so please do check them out.

Sozo heaven’s 5th studio album is very close to completion now, I’m working on the arrangement of track 10, entitled Endless sunset, orginally inspired by a full rich chillout Vangelis synth sound, it very rapidly turned into what I can only describe as a very energetic Skrillex style dance track, very strange!, not what I intended, but sounding good so far!

Well I better leave something for the next post, plenty more music and videos to come, got ideas and visions, love to create!

God bless and peace x  – Andrew


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